Picking up the pieces

Almost 2 years ago a woman desperately unhappy in her marriage sought therapy at the Stellenbosch Provincial Hospital. She had suffered a tremendous amount of emotional abuse and had subsequently lost all hope that she would ever be able to free herself from her circumstances. As is the case with many women in unhappy and destructive marriages, the support she received from family members was limited, as they did not want the shame of a divorce in the family. This emotionally broken woman learned through therapy, that she could pick up the pieces, and start a new life with her children and have the comfort that she had done the right thing. Now, almost a year and a half later, she is divorced, is working hard to regain her confidence (and succeeding), her sense of self worth, her dignity and her special role in life. She has a job, her freedom, and much happier children who mean the world to her. This would probably never have happened if it were not for the services offered by the hospital. This is just another example of how we are making a difference in the community of Stellebosch.