Services & Facilities

Good Hope Psychological Service serves the poorly resourced communities of the Boland in the Western Cape. Most of our therapists work in Stellenbosch and Paarl with clients from the following communities: Kayamandi, Cloetesville, Idas Valley, Pniel, Mbekweni, Wellington, Languedoc, Simondium, Klapmuts, Hermon, Gouda, Saron, Agter Paarl, Franschhoek, and Windmeul and surroundings.

2017: The year in numbers

02   our offices, one in Stellenbosch and one in Paarl

03 our programmes:

14 our dedicated staff members, including 3 volunteers

1401 total number of adults and children served

Statistics (2016) 


Children: 726

Adults: 969


Children: 2351

Adults: 2645

Statistics (for 2014-2015) In the period July 2014 until June 2015 our therapists saw 1 230 individual clients and families in 4 646 hour long sessions. In addition, 102 hours were devoted to group sessions. 56% of our clients were younger than 18 years old.

For the period 2012-2013, 1 256 clients were served during 4 679 hours of individual therapy. In addition, 254 hours were devoted to group sessions.

Statistics (for 2012-2013)
Children Under 18 42%
Male 37%
Female 63%
Afrikaans 93%
English 6%
Xhosa 1%

For the period 2009-2010, 1 171 clients were served during 3 636 hours of therapy

Age statistics (for 2009-2010)
Under 8 70
8–12 138
13-18 162
19-21 48
22+ 753
Groups 41


The service we provide at Good Hope is divided into three main programmes:

Programme 1:

Vulnerable children and young adult services

We aim to assist vulnerable children and young adults in disadvantaged and rural/semi-rural communities.
Projects in this programme includes

Programme 2:

Victim Support Services

A second aim of our service is to equip survivors of violent and sexual crimes as well as victims of domestic violence with the skills needed to live meaningful and courageous lives.
Projects in this programme includes

Programme 3:

Psycho Social Development of Communities

We aim to help individuals, families and communities to overcome trauma, personal problems and the impact of past political systems in South Africa in order to live considerate and responsibly within their families and communities.
Projects in this programme include

Internships in Counselling and Educational Psychology

Client-centred Therapy workshops

Hypnotherapy Workshops

A monthly Journal Club


Offices of the Department of Health at the Psychiatric Unit, TC Newman Day Hospital, Paarl East

Offices in the Administration Building, Stellenbosch Hospital

Bergendal Primary School

Simondium Primary School

Pniel Primary School