Plans & Dreams

We have a competent board, an enthusiastic management committee and dedicated staff. Together our plans for the future are:

To expand our service to neighbouring areas

To create more networks and relationships

To inspire more psychologists to start sharing our vision of making psychological help available to all South Africans, especially the poor, by starting a branch of GHPS in their own town or city.

To make a real difference to the well-being of our community


To meet our budget for the coming year:

Filing cabinets

Suitcases for mobile play-therapy kits

Assistants to offer help, especially during monthly Group Therapy Sessions

A hall or big room to host our group therapy groups

A teacher to help children with scholastic problems

Food parcels for hunger relief

School uniforms and shoes

Someone to manage a regular newsletter of our activities and concerns and to liaise with the media


To offer a free therapeutic service to thousands of people who do not have the financial means to access therapeutic help.

To assist our community in withstanding the negative emotional impact of violent crime, drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse and rape.

To encourage the most vulnerable in our community, such as the elderly, young children, handicapped persons, people suffering from chronic mental disorders and the homeless.

To equip survivors of violent and sexual crimes with the skills needed to live meaningful and courageous lives

To assist with relationship problems, emotional problems inherent to the various transitional phases of life, emotional trauma related to divorce, loss, suicide and grief.

To strengthen family ties, especially the loving, protective bond between primary caregiver and child

To educate clients regarding psychological conditions, such as depression, anxiety and stress, panic disorder and post traumatic stress disorder.

To always remain hopeful & positive while striving to find creative solutions within an environment marked by poverty and a distinct lack of resources and support.

To mobilize and encourage the community to care for their own

To encourage community members to start their own initiatives

To maintain a flexible, mobile service which collaborates with the community in finding creative solutions

To serve as a voice and a lobby for positive change that will benefit the community in the areas of education, employment and training.