Letter of thanks to our donors

Dear Friend of Good Hope




We are nearing the end of 2018 and would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your involvement with Good Hope Psychological Service throughout the years.


Although it remains a challenge to contribute to the upliftment of previously disadvantaged people in South Africa, Good Hope Psychological Service keeps on working in under resourced communities to provide a free counselling service to those who cannot access private care.  Due to high levels of unemployment, those vulnerable in the communities we serve deal with issues like crime and substance abuse every day. We are honoured to invest in the improvement of people`s lives.


Many of our clients felt that their lives were improved by the therapy they received, and we know that we are helping significantly to relieve emotional distress and improve interpersonal relationships. Our staff of registered counsellors and psychologists works hard to equip our clients; who consist of children, adults and families, to help them face challenges and rise above their circumstances.


Our staff would like to thank you for your interest and contributions. We cannot continue our work without the support of our sponsors.


Wishing you a blessed Christmas with your families.

Carien de Klerk

Director, Good Hope Psychological Service